Monday, January 24, 2011


Lately life is pretty good

Everything were going well


I'm burning inside


I just wanna have a great life/moments to spend with my friends

'She' is good. 'She' is cool though. * i guess*

Oh please show me a way so that both of us can live happily

We have been living together since the last sem


 i can't talk to you like how i am whenever i'm with my friends

I mean

You should know that no matter how hard you try to be more close to me

I just can't accept you more than just a roommate!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hoping for the best =/

Sumpah kepala kusut gila skang. I dont know what to do. Urgh... I need help so bad but i cant let everyone know since its my personal prob kann hurm.. 
Dear God,
I need your help real bad this time =/
Please please please help me
I've tried several ways but the result is still the same...
Im just hoping for the best right now.

Its already late. i should off to bed. Nite nite

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What is reflexology?

 Reflexology chart by Mr Google

Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change in the body.

What are the benefits of reflexology ?

Research has shown the specific techniques of reflexology to be effective and beneficial in many ways. A survey of 170 reflexology studies from 21 countries shows that reflexology is effective, impacting a variety of physical and psychological concerns. Reflexology:

  • Creates relaxation: From the moment the reflexologistÕs hands start their work, the relaxation begins as shown in research using EEG brain activity. All together, 24 studies demonstrate reflexologyÕs relaxation effects.

  • Reduces pain: Pain reduction following reflexology work is documented in 27 studies including research showing impact on individuals of all ages and health states

  • Ameliorates health concerns: Research shows that reflexology work helps indiviuals of all ages with some 78 health concerns ranging from aggressive behavior Êin children to urinary concerns of the elderly.

  • Improves blood flow: Separate studies show that reflexology work increases blood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys and intestines.

  • Aids post-operative recovery: Reflexology work aids recovery after surgery as shown by several studies, reducing pain and lessening the use of post operative analgesics.

  • Impact on physiological measures (e. g. blood pressure and cholesterol; measurements by ECG, EEG, and fMRI)

  • Enhances medical care: Reflexology helps where nothing else can for many: phantom limb pain sufferers, neuropathy patients, and hemodialysis patients to name a few.

  • Benefits mental health: Research demonstrates that reflexology can reduce depression (11 studies) and anxiety (9 studies).

  • Complements cancer care: Pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety eased for chemotherapy patients following reflexology work as shown by16 studies fom 7 countries.

  • Eases pregnancy, delivery and post-partum effects: Women who received reflexology experienced shorter labor times and used less analgesia. In addition, reflexology showed a positive impact on postpartum depression, anxiety, urination and bowel movements.

  • In general terms, the benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body's equilibrium.

    Reflexology is a complement to standard medical care. It should not be construed as medical advice. It should not be a replacement to medical help. Please use it wisely. We care about your safety.

    My opinion
    i've tried it and yeah i like it! You should try it too okayy.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    I love Maria Elena's new vid about pms!

    Check it out okay. Its totally truueeeee heee! Some guys just dont get it and some guys boleh adapt. Hey Mr. Boyfie. Adapt okayy. I cant help it.

    Heee Maria i copyy link you ehh sbb interesting. Jangan marah naa  :)

    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    Ne me quitte pas

    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Il faut oublier                      it 's neccesary to forget
    Tout peut s'oublier             everything you need to forget
    Qui s'enfuit deja                 which is already over 
    Oublier le temps                forget the times
    Des malentendus               of the misunderstandings
    Et le temps perdu               the lost time
    A savoir comment              to know how
    Oublier ces heures             forget the houres
    Qui tuaient parfois             which sometimes kill
    A coups de pourquoi          the reasons why
    Le coeur du bonheur         the heart full of joy
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Moi je t'offrirai                   I offer you
    Des perles de pluie           pearles of rain
    Venues de pays                 coming from countries
    Ou il ne pleut pas              where it never rains
    Je creus'rai la terre           I will cross the world
    Jusqu' apres ma mort        untillafter my death
    Pour couvrir ton corps       for to cover your body
    D'or et de lumiere;             with gold and bright light
    Je f'rai un domaine            I will give you a kingdom
    Ou l'amour s 'ra roi             where LOVE will be king
    Ou l'amour s' ra loi             Where LOVE will be the law
    ou  tu serais reine              and where you will be queen
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me
    Ne me quitte pas                Don't leave me

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Tension oh tension

    1. Kepala rasa pening-pening.
    2.Tah apa laa yang bebudak tuh buat dekat comp
    3.Asal laa pak cik salleh tuh x install sound device *menyusahkan aku*
    4.Asal laa tangan aku gatal sangat pegi change movie yg d/l tuh. Half je movie dapat tengok grrr
    5. Sue cakap esok dapat result! * Oh myyyy!*
    6.Bimbang pada something yang sangat sangat menakutkan =/ * cant mention it -secreto- *
    7.Nando's kuar dekat paper. *Auw auw auw im craving for it huhu mcm da ages x mkn*

    Thats all kott for this evening. Kita tengok pulak mlm nnt okayy huuuu. Im hoping for miracle. Cepat-cepat la datang =p